Company Overview

GameyGram™ is a Patent-Pending, SaaS, Ecommerce company with multiple one-time and recurring revenue streams, combining Gift Giving, Greeting Cards and Gaming that will revolutionize each of these industries in a single product with broad market appeal. GameyGram has no direct competition in a Multi-Billion Dollar market.

We were founded on a simple, undeniable premise; that when it comes to gift-giving people usually know how much they want to spend on a gift but they have no idea what to buy. So, they frequently end up giving gifts that are not desired by the recipient, not used, re-gifted or even discarded altogether. GameyGram solves this universal dilemma.

Founded in 2020, our patent-pending Omnichannel Transactional Digital Game™ Technology turns any digital game into a fun, personalized experience with interactive greetings and cash gifts hidden throughout. The Sender choses a GameyGram from our Catalog of Games. They determine the amount of the cash gift they wish to include and they select the greetings they wish to be displayed in the game. GameyGram’s technology inserts the greetings and the cash gift into the selected game, strategically placed / hidden so the recipient must discover them during the course of normal game play. When the game is complete and the player has found all the cash and greetings – the player redeems the cash for one or more gifts of their choice from GameyGram’s online Amazon Store (GameyShop).

Market Opportunity

GameyGram is leveraging the explosive growth and behavior modification of the mobile and casual video game markets.

We are “Gamifying” Two Multi-Billion-Dollar Markets

  • Greeting Cards:  $25 billion/year

  • Plastic and eGift Cards:  $130 billion/year


The Problem

Frustrated Givers + Unhappy Recipients =Negative Economic and Environmental Impacts

The Current Gift Giving Tradition Has Created an Economic and Environmental Nightmare

  • $90 Billion Wasted on Unwanted Gifts Each Year, During the Holiday Season, Alone!

  • More than $3 Billion per Year in Gift Cards go Unspent

  • Plastic (PVC) Gift Cards are Toxic and Difficult to Recycle. The Result? 75 Million Pounds of PVC from Plastic Gift Cards Enter the Waste Stream, Annually

  • Electronic Greeting Cards (eCards) are Rife with Ads and Phishing Schemes, Creating Fear for Recipients


The Gift Giver’s Dilemma

When we purchase gifts for people, we usually know how much we want to spend but often we have no idea what to buy. Most of all, we want to purchase a thoughtful and appropriate gift – something that really fits the occasion and pleases the recipient.  However, many times we are forced to buy at the last minute and, depending on the occasion, buy for multiple people, making it almost impossible to pick out the most suitable gift(s).


Gift Receiver’s Disappointment

There are several reasons gifts can disappoint recipients. Frequently, the giver doesn't know the recipient well enough to understand the recipient's gift preferences. So, the giver may send an item they love themselves, which the recipient does not want or cannot use. Occasionally, the giver may send a something the recipient already has. In any event, the gift that is received is very frequently accepted graciously and then quickly tossed in a closet, re-gifted or even discarded, altogether.


The Solution

GameyGram will bring to the world casual, digital games that are a delivery system for interactive greetings, cash gifts and sponsor coupons. Using our Omnichannel Transactional Digital Game technology, we can quickly convert any digital game into a GameyGram.

Through our unique, patent-pending technology gift givers will be able to:

  1. Purchase a GameyGram game from the Online Catalog

  2. Add their Personalized Greetings

  3. Add a Cash Gift to be Delivered Inside the Game, That Can be Redeemed for Any Item the Recipient Desires

  4. Schedule the GameyGram for Immediate Delivery to the Recipient or Schedule it for a Specific Date / Time

Gift Givers can do all this in just a few minutes, for one or more recipients from their mobile phone or any other digital device.

GameyGram gifts are both experiential and material. Upon opening the GameyGram, the Recipient will be able to:

  1. Open a Personalized Message Sent to Them Via Email and / or Text

  2. Play a Personalized Digital Game, Discover the Greetings, Cash Gift and Sponsor Coupons

  3. Redeem the Cash Gift (and if desired, the Sponsor Coupon) via the GameyShop

  4. Collect and Save any Bonus Points Earned During Game Play, or Redeem Them for Item(s) of their Choice from our GameyGram Online Store, containing GameyGram Merchandise, Consumer Electronics, Novelty Items, etc.) 

GameyGram will provide a gift giving and receiving experience like no other. The sender personalizes the game and greetings and adds a cash gift. The recipient gets a personalized gift that is both experiential: the personalized greetings and the digital game, and material: with bonus points that can be redeemed for fun, cool items and of course - the cash gift, which allows them to pick out exactly the gift(s) they want!

Launch Info and Involvement Inquiries

GameyGram’s launch is planned for Summer 2022. We plan to hit the market with excitement and intensity, generating buzz and captivating attention all over the country!

There are a number of ways you can join us on this exciting journey.

  • Please use our Contact Form if you’d like to take a look at our Business Plan & Financial Projections. We continue to seek partners in this venture.

  • If you are interested in being a GameyGram customer – you can become an Insider right now, for free This will put you on our mailing list for company news and updates, as we lead up to and through our product launch.

The entire GameyGram Team is beyond excited about introducing our disruptive technology to the market.

Gift Giving Will Never Be the Same Again!